More Than A Closet

The Ori Pocket Closet; a walk-in-closet and additional storage space so you don’t have to compromise your clothes, workspace, or materials for your activities, passions and hobbies. Create a walk-in closet, on-demand. Ideal for studios and bedrooms, the Pocket Closet is perfect as a traditional closet space, offices, kitchens and room division.

Bedroom with pocket closet expanded

A Home Office That Helps You Get Dressed

It’s an entertainment center, home office, bookcase, and walk-in closet all in one space-saving package.

An Effortless Transformation

Expands or contracts at the touch of a button, a tap of a mobile app, or voice command to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Space To Be Yourself

The space to keep the things that make you who you are. The Pocket Closet offers an on demand walk-in closet, room division, and storage space.

Pocket closet expanded with open desk at night

Pocket Closet - Medium

Length 75” (when open)
Width 74.5”
Height 82”
Weight 400 lbs.
Storage 120 cubic ft.
Desk configuration pocket closet
Closet configuration pocket closet