Diner En Blanc 2018: Inside Battery Park's Glamorous Secret Dinner Party

Living at Gateway, with Battery Park as your backyard, you may have wondered why hordes of people, impeccably dressed in white, were lugging around tables, chairs, and picnic baskets.

Via subways, sidewalks, and finally, sea, over six thousand attendees made their way to New York's 8th Annual Dîner en Blanc - the world's favorite secret dinner party.

The pop-up tradition, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary in Paris (where it all started) takes place in 80 cities across the globe. The location for the event changes every year, which makes the party hard to crash. But if you register your table in advance, you can partake in one of the coolest secret things to do in NYC and one of the best things to do outside

How do I register for Dîner en Blanc NYC?

Participation for the event occurs in three stages (I know, I know): Phase I registration is for members who attended the previous year; Phase II registration is for new members who are referred by Phase I attendees; and Phase III is for folks who sign up to be put on the waiting list -- but it's worth it. Click the registration link here for more information. 

Picture Credit: © Thibault Camus/ /AP/Corbis

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