All About Bagels

Few things are more quintessentially New York than the mighty New York bagel. We like ‘em piled high with lox, or rainbow colored, or scooped, or (if you’re feeling blasphemous!) all three. No matter what your palate, here are out favorite bagel spots in the neighborhood.

Pick A Bagel

It’s all right there in the name. Just steps from Gateway, Pick A Bagel has an array of classic flavors, lovingly and deliciously prepared with all the fixings. Our particular favorites are their tofu scallion cream cheese on pumpernickel, and their smoke Nova Scotia salmon sandwich. Their traditional deli-style counter and layout are classicly New York, and their flavor-loaded carbs will keep you coming back.


Black Seed

Located inside of Brookfield Place, Black Seed is a simple bagel counter featuring the classic schmears. If you’re on the move in the morning and heading through Brookfield Place, it’s the perfect quick stop for a bagel and coffee.


Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish

This NYC chain features hand-rolled bagels, and believe us- you can taste the difference. No matter what part of the city you find yourself in, you’re not too far from a Zucker’s. We’re especially fond of their grain bagels- try their Wheat Oat Bran or their Wheat Poppy bagels for something just different enough.


The Great American Bagel

The Great American Bagel’s approach is all in the prep work. Their made-from-scratch bagels are steam-baked, locking in tons of moisture and creating impressively fluffy bagels. Like many bagel shops, they offer gourmet coffee and tons of lunch options, but we’re here for the bagels.


Best Bagel & Coffee

Just like the name, the menu at Best Bagel & Coffee is straightforward. They’re not too fancy, but they are meticulous and make delicious, hand-rolled bagels. The line here can be a bit hazardous- prepare to wait, but the wait will absolutely be worth it.



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