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Top Interior Design Tips for 2020

Jul 23, 2020

With 2020 being the year of stay-at-home, many of us here at Gateway have spent a lot of time inside our apartments. And while being home certainly comes with its benefits, spending months looking at the same living room layout or bedroom plan can start to feel a bit stale. To help liven up our living spaces, we’ve rounded up some of the top interior design tips for 2020. Read ahead for five simple decor ideas that are perfect for city dwellings:     

Plan Big   

Though it may seem like having smaller furniture makes sense in more compact spaces, using larger furniture instead will actually help expand the space visually. In this Forbes article, several popular interior designers suggest that fewer, larger pieces help the room look less cluttered than trying to pack in multiple small items. If a larger couch doesn’t quite fit along the length of the wall, try arranging furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of even more space.


Grandmillenial Style

If you’re looking to make an aesthetic shift, the Grandmillenial style has become popular in 2020. Ushered in by this House Beautiful article, Grandmillenial embraces traditional roots with a millennial twist-- think needlepoint, white & blue porcelain, and wicker details without any of the stuffiness. This style is also a great way to incorporate family heirlooms without older pieces looking too dated or out-of-place.


Bold Monochromatics

Instead of sticking to the neutral monochromatic color palette we’re used to seeing, Elle Decor urges experimenting with bolder, brighter monochromatic hues. A room awash in royal blue, eggplant, or kelly green design elements can have a much more dramatic impact than the pale grays, oatmeals, and whites that have been popular.


Multipurpose Furniture 

If budget provides, investing in furniture pieces that fulfill multiple functions is a great way to maximize the use of apartment space. Apartment Guide suggests this is a particularly useful trend for 2020, as many of us find our homes doing extra duty as work and school spaces as well. Try looking for beds with built-in drawers or couches and ottomans that double as additional storage spots.


Tapestries & Wall Hangings 

A proliferation of tapestries and wall hangings have been popping up all over the trendiest decor lists of 2020. Dwell says that fiber art wall hangings, such as those made of macramé, will provide unique textual detail to any space. Covet House sees tapestries as great design elements to center a room around, as they create a visual focal point around which to orient your space.


We hope these interior design tips inspire you in 2020 and beyond. Show us how you’re freshening up your space by tagging us on social media with #YourGateway!