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Tips on Moving to Gateway

Jun 5, 2021

Planning a move to Gateway soon? We’re thrilled to welcome you as a resident to our fantastic waterfront community! As exciting as moving can be, we know the whole process can be a bit stressful. Packing, figuring out what to discard, whether or not to use movers--there’s lots to consider leading up to the big day! To make your move to Gateway as seamless as possible, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks for moving that should help make the whole operation run as smoothly as possible. Read ahead to learn more…we can’t wait to welcome you home

Pre-Plan Your Move

It can be helpful to plot out details of the move as much as possible before the official day. Depending on the timeline of your move, creating a checklist for important tasks can help keep things on track without overwhelming. Be sure to add details to the list such as finding movers, updating change of address information, scheduling installation of utilities, and securing renter’s insurance. At Gateway, our available cable/internet providers are Spectrum/Fios, and additional instructions on installation can be found in our welcome package.


Schedule Move-In Day Details

Ahead of moving day, be sure to schedule key pickup and lease agreement signing with our leasing office. Scheduling of your move-in date should be made separately by contacting your leasing agent. Please note that key pickup/move-in is not permitted prior to the lease start date. Key pickup and move-in may occur at different times, so it is a good idea to double check the time/date beforehand. You will want to be sure to have a photo ID on hand for key pickup. Unable to pick keys up yourself? No problem! Contact Gateway to receive email permission for anyone picking up keys on your behalf (and remind them to have photo ID on hand too).


Pack With Ease       

Packing can seem a bit daunting at first, but we have some great tips for easing the process! Begin by decluttering your space, assessing what belongings you will toss, keep, sell or donate. Then, let the fun begin! We recommend getting a hold of some high quality moving boxes if possible--they’ll hold up better throughout the move and ensure your things arrive safe and undamaged. If timing permits, it’s a good idea to break packing down into small sessions, starting with one hour chunks at a time and taking breaks as needed. Take care not to overpack boxes, aiming for no more than 50 pounds per box, and to place heavy items in smaller boxes and vice versa. Fill in empty space in boxes with bunched up paper, padding, or bubble wrap to keep items from breaking.


Color Code Your Boxes   

When packing, it can be helpful to color code boxes to assist in categorizing what room each box belongs in. Colored masking tape or multi-colored packing labels can get the job done. Then, mark off each room in your new Gateway apartment with colored tape or labels to make it clear where each box belongs. We also suggest labeling each box with its contents and corresponding room to avoid confusion on moving day.


Research & Schedule Movers

Finding help on moving day is essential to making sure all goes well! If hiring movers, you’ll want to be sure to research ahead of time to find the right fit for you. Most moving companies in NYC offer free moving day price estimates, so use the opportunity to compare options. Check out FlatRate Moving, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, or Oz Moving here in NYC.


Tips for the Big Day 

The big day is here and it’s finally time to enjoy all that life at Gateway has to offer! To avoid extra stress on move-in day, try creating a game plan by determining ahead of time which items and boxes should be moved first and which can be loaded into your new home last, directing movers as necessary. It’s a good idea to pack a bag with all essential items necessary for the day of arrival so they’re on hand when needed. Lastly, visit our website to set up ClickPay for easy online rent payments, and to use the Gateway Portal for managing maintenance requests, receiving building notification updates, and keeping in touch with us!


At Gateway, we’re here to help make moving day as comfortable and stress-free as possible! Contact us with any questions and concerns regarding your move...we look forward to welcoming you to Gateway