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Spring Cleaning Tips

May 27, 2020

Greeting the freshness of the season with a little spring cleaning is always a great idea this time of year. Many of us find ourselves spending more time at home than ever, which offers a great opportunity to find new approaches to keeping our homes tidy. Read ahead for 5 tips for making the most of this year’s spring cleaning-- we promise a sparkling home awaits!        

Make a To-Do List

Spring cleaning possibilities can start to feel endless when spending an abundance of time at home. To tackle spring cleaning goals without feeling overwhelmed, try making a list of projects and areas to attend to. Building a schedule is helpful for creating a cleaning plan that feels manageable. Real Simple also suggests breaking cleaning down into ten minute chunks to increase productivity.

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Dust and Declutter 

Starting small with simple tasks like dusting and decluttering can help kick-start cleaning goals. Now’s a great time to clean out that junk drawer we’re always avoiding or re-organizing closet spaces for increased functionality. Bringing simple order to our homes can help provide a much-needed sense of calm right now.

woman dusting shelf  

Clean from Top to Bottom 

Cleaning methodically in this direction ensures more work isn’t being created unnecessarily by falling dust and debris. Use vacuum attachments for reaching any cobwebs or dust that may have settled in corners of ceilings. Then wipe and dust surfaces and finish by vacuuming and cleaning floors. If the store is low on cleaning solutions, find tips for making DIY household cleaner here.

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Wash Your Bedding

While it’s easy to get into the habit of washing our sheets and pillowcases often (at least every two weeks or so is recommended), we should also be remembering to wash our comforters and pillows frequently as well. House Beautiful recommends throwing the more neglected bedding in the washing machine at least two or three times a year (just check the manufacturer’s label beforehand). Adding this task to the spring cleaning rotation is helpful for incorporating it in the general routine.

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Refrigerator Deep Clean

In addition to making sure the outside of the fridge is sparkling, spend some time ensuring the inside is clean and tidy too. Remove all items from the fridge to give shelves and drawers a deep clean. Then discard expired products, checking the use-by-date of condiments and dressings as well.

fully stocked refrigerator  

Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to reset during these uncertain times. Making our homes neat and tidy is a way to feel safe and hopeful about better days ahead. Share some of your fresh spring cleaning projects with us by tagging #YourGateway on social media. And happy cleaning!