Irish hunger memorial

Landmarks at Gateway

Aug 24, 2020

This summer, we hope you’ve been enjoying the many outdoor activity options provided by our spectacular amenities here at Gateway. In addition to everything these amenities offer, our neighborhood is also home to a variety of landmarks and culturally significant monuments and memorials. These sites add a rich historical depth to our already incredibly vibrant location. Read ahead for more information about what to find at these important spots. 

Jewish Heritage Museum

Located in Battery Park City, the Jewish Heritage Museum is described as a “living memorial to the Holocaust.” The museum’s mission is to educate visitors about the “broad tapestry of Jewish life” throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Although the interior of the museum remains closed at this time, visitors can find a variety of virtual resources for experiencing the museum online. Additionally, the museum has plans to begin reopening in mid-September.


(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer newyork2you)

9/11 Memorial  

The 9/11 Memorial at South Cove honors the men and women committed to restoring the Battery Park City community in the days following the tragic events of the September 11th attacks. Here, you can find a plaque and “Circle of Remembrance” commemorating their heroism and dedication.


(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer mounirhamouda)

Irish Hunger Memorial 

Created to bring awareness to the Irish famine of 1845-52, the Irish Hunger Memorial also signifies the ongoing struggle with hunger and starvation worldwide. Designed by artist Brian Tolle, the memorial is an installation of an Irish cottage reconstruction. Visitors can wander through to uncover and experience the meaning inherent in the structure’s layered composition.

(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer mcvey10)

Eleven Tears

This installation designed by artist Ken Smith was created to honor the American Express employees lost in the September 11th attacks. The piece is an 11-sided, 600 pound piece of Brazilian quartz, with a tribute to each person lost inscribed on the base of the fountain it hangs over. The artist’s work is meant to symbolize the tears associated with the grief of lost lives and destruction suffered on 9/11.


(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer tommyessphotostudio)

Berlin Wall Segment

In nearby Kowsky Plaza, residents can find a piece of the Berlin Wall standing on display. The 12 foot by 8 foot segment was donated by the German Consulate to the Battery Park City Authority in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the fall of the wall in former East Berlin.


(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer missyclicks)

There is so much history and significance that surrounds us right here at Gateway. We hope you get a chance to experience some of it for yourself soon!