PURSUIT helps you reach your fitness goals with weekly classes and a supportive community.

Introducing PURSUIT

Dec 31, 2018

Looking to say fit.  Want to get a better body.  Want to get in the best shape of your life for 2019.   This is where PUSRUIT comes in. PURSUIT is an outdoor group fitness program led by Dr. Laura Miranda (your fellow Gateway resident and neighbor).

Pursuit Workouts

  • SIMPLE BLUEPRINT - no guessing, no will power. Just follow the simple plan.
  • TEAM TRAINING - The secret sauce is in the power of the group being dedicated and accountable to each other, which expontentially fuels the dedication and accountiblity to yourself! 
  • COMMITMENT & CONSISTENCY - your coach (me!) is with you ever step of the way 
  • SHORT, FOCUSED SESSIONS - no hype, no wasted time on fluff.  
  • LOW COST - you get to share the cost of a trainer but reap all of the benefits of working with me 1on1 (just not at the $185 /hour pricetag!) 

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Pursuit Workout Times

From 6:30 – 7pm each Tuesday and Thursday, you can join Dr. Laura for a convenient and supportive way to reach your goals. The group meets for each session on the North Lawn, and frequently offers discount memberships.

* Workout Times may flutuate depending on time of year and due to weather restrictions.

Pursuit Testimonials:

“I have lost 2 pants sizes and I am stronger than I have ever been thanks to Dr. Laura and PURSUIT!” – Sunaina

“After not working out for 2 years, I was tired, fat and out of shape… and sick of it! Now that the kids are back in school I can FINALLY focus on ME! The Jump Start program got me my strength and energy back!” –Kimberly

“My arms and back are stronger and leaner with Dr. Laura’s program.” – Marcus

Get to know your neighbors, and get into the best shape of your life, all in your own backyard! For more information on everything PURSUIT has to offer, check out https://drlauramiranda.lpages.co/pursuit-battery-park/ today!